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Zentralverband des
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Right to Repair: Success only together with craft enterprises

On 21 November, the European Parliament plenary adopted the draft report on the proposal for a directive to promote the repair of goods (“right to repair”). The parliament also gave a mandate for trilogue negotiations.
ZDH-Generalsekretär Holger Schwannecke

Holger Schwannecke, Generalsekretär des Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Handwerks

Commenting on the result of the vote, Holger Schwannecke, Secretary General of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, explains:

"The new right to repair for certain product groups can only be successful if craft enterprises can further expand their repair activities. This does not only require enough skilled workers, but also requires manufacturers to be obliged to provide spare parts and repair information at fair prices. The European Parliament has correctly identified this.

It is particularly positive that the new European form for repair information is to be entirely voluntary. However, it would have been better not to have such a form at all, as it does not add any value and is not compatible with the contractual practices of repair enterprises.

During the upcoming trialogue negotiations, it will be important to ensure that the warranty periods that apply after a repair are not disproportionately extended. Similarly, parallel claims by customers against sellers and manufacturers must not lead to craft entrepreneurs being held accountable for repairs performed by third parties."