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Zentralverband des
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EU Single Market: Chance and challenge for the Skilled Crafts

The EU internal market grants craft enterprises access to future markets and value chains. However, the administration of cross-border business activities remain too complex.
    Grüne Hintergrundgrafik mit der Aufschrift "20 Jahre EU-Binnenmarkt"

    On 1 January 2023, the EU Single Market became 30 years old. It followed the signature of the Maastricht Treaty on 7 February 1992 by the EU member states, including Germany.

    The EU Single market

    • creates new opportunities for craft businesses, trainees and workers,
    • creates common values and standards for the services and works of craftsmen and craftswomen,
    • is designed for economic growth and resistance to crises,
    • is intended to help the member states become more self-sufficient in the face of global challenges and the European fight against climate change,
    • is becoming more important than ever for the competitiveness of EU Member States in the global world,
    • should ensure the ease of doing business for craft enterprises and their employees, with little bureaucracy.

    At European level, the Single Market idea must be revived and constantly developed from a business perspective.


    • ZDH Position Paper, 30 Years EU - Single Market, April 2023
      Where we are and what Skilled Crafts need