The skilled crafts sector today

Skilled crafts are the most multifaceted economic sector in Germany and form the core of the German SME segment through their small and medium-sized enterprises.

In a long and successful tradition the German skilled crafts sector has developed into an economic and social group that exerts a major influence on public life in Germany. 

Whether for private consumers, industry, trade or the public authorities, the German skilled crafts sector offers a wide, differentiated and especially high-quality range of goods and services. Individual products and solutions are the focus and strength of the skilled crafts sector. 

The skilled craftworker’s services are called on millions of times daily in Germany. The skilled crafts sector is flexible and creative in the service of its customers and contractors. 

This ability to adapt is ensured by highly qualified proprietors and employees. Qualified specialists are the driving force behind the ability of businesses to innovate and to cope with new economic and technical developments. In contrast to industry where major upheavals are seen, such changes are implemented in small continuous steps, i.e. from order to order, from solution to solution.