Haus des Deutschen Handwerks Berlin  Foto:ZDH

ZDH’s political targets

ZDH is committed to a social free market system and to an SME policy of competitive excellence that promotes independent small and medium-sized enterprises through suitable economic framework conditions and thus contributes to their ability to develop their potential as employers and providers of vocational education and further training. ZDH opposes excessive state control, a restriction on private property and the abuse of market power. 

In finance and taxation policy ZDH seeks a reduction in the government expenditure/GNP ratio, lower public authority debt as well as relief for enterprises (with a priority for SMEs) and a thorough simplification of taxation law. Concerning economic policy the ZDH advocates the elimination or avoidance of competitive disadvantages, the safeguarding of a sustainable financial basis for skilled crafts SMEs, as well as the privatisation of what are now public activities that could be performed by the private sector. ZDH believes that social policy should be guided by the benchmark of financial affordability and concentrate on safeguarding against basic risks. Vocational education and further training should be developed further as an alternative training path to grammar schools and be implemented within the context of the tried and tested ‘dual system’ of school and enterprise-based training.