Position Papers

In this section you can find a selection of position papers and short information papers concerning European policies. Further positions in German you can find here.

Position Papers

Position Paper Fair EU data economy, June 2019

Position Paper Fair EU data economy
Access to data and its use become an indispensable prerequisite for corporate success, also for SMEs. German Skilled Crafts companies ask for a clear legally binding Framework at EU Level regarding access to data.

Position Paper on the application of the EU Posting of Workers Directive, March 2019

ZDH Position Paper on the application of the Posting of Workers Directive
Free movement of workers and the freedom to provide services are fundamental to the EU Single Market. To improve enforcement of the Posting of Workers Directive throughout Europe and to support the transposition of the amended Posting of Workers Directive, the German Skilled Crafts Sector suggests the following administrative measures.

Position Paper MFF post 2020, September 2018

ZDH Position Paper MFF post-2020 EN
The EU is supposed to be taking on new tasks in the fields of security, migration and competitiveness, while Brexit is on its way. Please read here how the ZDH assesses the European Commission's proposals for the MFF post 2020.

Position Paper Improved Subsidiarity, May 2018

ZDH Position Paper Improved Subsidiarity
ZDH has identified four areas with an already sufficient degree of European legislation: The single market, Vocational education and Training (VET), social policy and state aid regulations. These are topics for improved subsidiarity and/or more policy responsibility at Member State level.

Position Paper Skilled Crafts IT Competence Centres, March 2018

ZDH Position Paper The Skilled Crafts IT Competence Centres
The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi) is supporting the Skilled Crafts sector in institutionalising a national network of competence centres providing local Crafts companies with access to IT Know-How specifically tailored to their needs. Five Skilled Crafts institutions (one for each of the regions North, West, South and East as well as for the construction sector) act as IT showcase leaders.

Position Paper Better Regulation, March 2018

ZDH Position Paper Completing the Better Regulation Agenda
The ZDH welcomes the EU's efforts undertaken so far regarding better regulation and burden reductions for SMEs. Though the tools available need to be applied more rigorously, the meaning of the Think Small First principle is quite clear: Policy makers should give full consideration to SMEs at all stages of policymaking.

Position Paper MFF post-2020, January 2018

ZDH Position Paper MFF post-2020
The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) is currently being drafted, setting the agenda for EU support policy in the coming five to ten years. The current budget deficit by Brexit needs to be overcome, while at the same time new tasks in the field of security, migration and competitiveness need to be funded - a total of some EUR 20 billion.

Position Paper EU mobility package, January 2018

ZDH Position Paper EU mobility package
The Skilled Crafts Sector explicitly recognises the Need for regulation and control of driving and rest periods in long-distance passenger and freight transport to protect the professional drivers working in that sector and to ensure road safety. However, these reglations must remain confined to the sector of commercial freight and passenger transport including drivers with driving as their main activity.