ZDH expectations on the European elections 2019

Foto: European Union 2018/Sebastian BOZON

The German skilles crafts organisation benefits from the EU single market: No borders, no custom duties, a common currency, freedom of goods, services and persons, a common infrastructure, mutual recognition of standards, etc. A lot of these easements are taken for granted, both by people and enterprises across the EU. However, indifference, even scepticism towards the European project advantages.

Together in Diversity

The upcoming term of the European Parliament will be crucial. It will be of utmost importance to get the European citizens on board. They need to believe in Europe and its common goals. It is important that Europe creats solutions for the big challenges ahead, not additional problems. The EU’s priorities need to be set along the lines of a safe, liveable and responsible Europe. These must be reflected in the EU’s priorities and must be lived on all levels. In this sense, the German skilled crafts organisation formulates its expectations to the 9th European Parliament, which was elected from May 23rd to May 26th 2019.

The result was as follows: Conservative EPP (strongest group with 179 seats), social democratic S&D (153), liberal ALDE (105), Greens (74) and the Left (38). A new right wing group, which may include the German AfD, could comprise 71 deputees.

The skilled crafts expectations are focused on these subjects:  

  1. The future of the European Union
  2. Better regulation – a new approach for EU legislation
  3. The competitiveness of small-and-medium-sized enterprises in Europe
  4. A European single market for enterprises
  5. Skilled workers and vocational education
  6. A practical climate and environment policy
  7. Regional economy