Skilled crafts sector


Skilled crafts are the most multifaceted economic sector in Germany and form the core of the German SME segment through their small and medium-sized enterprises. Artikel lesen



The skilled crafts sector in Germany includes over 100 occupations in the following areas: Artikel lesen

Trade and Crafts Code


Membership of a skilled craft in Germany is not regulated via the company size or turnover, but by law. Artikel lesen

Vocational education and training


The skilled crafts sector is number 1 in Germany when it comes to providing training. Artikel lesen



The skilled crafts organisation is divided into two pillars: the chambers of skilled crafts and the national confederations of skilled crafts. Artikel lesen



DHKT and UDH are confederated in the ZDH (German Confederation of Skilled Crafts). Artikel lesen

Political Targets


ZDH is committed to a social free market system and to an SME policy of competitive excellence that promotes independent small and medium-sized enterprises through suitable economic framework conditions and thus contributes to their ability to develop their potential as employers and providers of vocational education and further training. Artikel lesen



An increasing number of skilled crafts enterprises export their products or provide services abroad and this trend is increasing. Artikel lesen



German Confederation of Skilled Crafts in Berlin Artikel lesen



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